• Snežana Djurišić

    Snežana Djurišić

  • Dah


  • Boban Rajović

    Boban Rajović

  • Stijene


  • Neki To Vole Vruće

    Neki To Vole Vruće


On muzika-balkan your able to find over music video playlists from balkan artists and groups. Just click through the labels rock, pop and folk or click on one of the random artists shown above to be able to listen to the special artist or the special group. The playlists are automated and all you need to do is to click on the play button and all videos by the artist or by the group will be played. You can also choose what video you want to listen to by jumping in any order and clicking on the videos in the playlist. If you find it easier you can also use the search field above to find the special artist or the special group you want to listen to. You can't search for a specific video, only a group or an artist can be searched for here on muzika-balkan.

Newly Added Muzika-Balkan

  • Miligram


  • Latino


  • Sabrina Karajković

    Sabrina Karajković

  • Lina Marković

    Lina Marković

  • Marija Trajkovska

    Marija Trajkovska

Latest Shown Muzika-Balkan

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    21 Nov 13:37

  • Sandra Afrika

    21 Nov 13:37

  • Agrameri

    21 Nov 13:34

  • Slavko Perović

    21 Nov 13:24

  • Vasilisa

    21 Nov 13:16

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  • Dado Topić

    12 069

  • Ana Nikolić

    10 373

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    10 050

  • Aerodrom

    8 997

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